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luni, 29 iunie 2009

Half of my garden at the beginning of July - Jumatate din gradina mea, la inceput de iulie

Gorgeous sunset - apus superb

Lavender and daylily - levantica si crin salbatic (de zi)

Narcissus - narcisa

Daylily - crin salbatic (de zi)

Thuja wall - peretele de Thuja


Fresh cut red rose - trandafir proaspat taiat

Lavender - levantica

White-yellow Dahlia - Dalia alb-galbuie

Canna flower (second one) - floare de Canna (a doua)

Canna flower (second one) - floare de Canna (a doua)

5 comentarii:

Sylvia (England) spunea...

Silvia, lovely pictures and a lovely garden. Can I ask about the third picture you have called it Narcissus but I question that, it looks more like a lily. I am assuming this is a typo?

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Silvia spunea...

Sylvia - thank you! I don't know if it is a typo or not, we call it Narcissus. I have another one white. The leaves are very thin and dark green. I will take another picture, with the whole flower and maybe you recognise it. I am intrigued now... and curious!

Sue Swift spunea...

Super photos - I love the sunset.

Silvia spunea...

Sue, here you can see other sunsets seen from my living room or from my garden. Enjoy them!

corina spunea...

Grozava treaba sa vezi asa apusuri din sufragerie.