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sâmbătă, 20 iunie 2009

Come to Romania!

“What`s up with this up front advertising?”, some might say, some that stumble across my blog randomly.

But you, my faithful readers, know that I am fair, cynically fair. So abrupt at times, that if you wanted to know an answer from the depth of my inner thoughts and you risk asking the question, you can very well expects something that you might not like. Diplomacy is a word that I am not familiar with.

After this short introduction, it`s time to take you to the place I wanted to from the beginning. I will never advertise a product unless I believe in it, I tested it, and I feel it is an interesting/original idea.

The story that follows is not advertising even though I will write about an original project for Romania, it`s Valentine’s project, Velvet Tours. It`s not advertising … He`s one of ours! :)

If you take a look at his web site, carefully orchestrated to the last dot, you`ll see that it`s something different. In what way, you may ask?

Well… let`s start with the photos, cause he`s pretty good at taking beautiful shots, interesting details and capturing extraordinary landscapes in a photo.

But that`s not what you`d want to see on the web site of a travel company, right?

Then we`ll comment on, let`s say… Red Bucharest - How cool is that?? It`s not for us Romanians, we know what communism is all about, but still it`s a tour like no other.

And now for something absolutely original!! Jewish Heritage Tour - I’m honestly thinking of taking a tour like this myself this year, even though we’re orthodox, and that`s because, first of all, I had no idea that there are so many historical buildings in this country, and secondly, because a synagogue is always worth seeing, the same for a museum or a temple.

Another original idea -2 in 1 tour. One trip, Two countries, Romania and Bulgaria.

Being neighbors, we tend to think bad things about the other countries like Hungary, Bulgaria or The Republic of Moldavia. But, whoever visited these countries got a wonderful experience out of it and left delighted by the people and the places they saw. Lately Romanians realized that there are beautiful things to see in Bulgaria, and Valentin told us that there is good eating and there are a lot of interesting places to visit, if you do not want to go too far away from Bucharest.

The other superb idea… Photography Tour,, I like this on the most. You know why? Because that`s what my Dani does! He he he! Speaking of my proverbial cynics, I would go on this tour today without thinking twice!!! Today?? Why?? Well Dani, when on vacation, absolutely refuses to touch the camera unless I beg him or he wants to take photos of me and Mariuca. All the landscapes, all the little details are my responsibility; you could almost say that I am a professional landscape photographer.

All in all, if you want a 100% tailor made tour, if you want to see spectacular and beautiful places, eat great meals (this is a bonus, I told you once how good is Valentin at cooking and appreciating a good meal), you can contact Velvet Tours at office[at], or me, I`m not on commission, I promise!

2 comentarii:

Heather spunea...

I wonder what airfare to Romania is? Very enticing to say the least~

Silvia spunea...

Heather, now there is a direct flight from JFK NY to OTP Bucharest. A double ticket (JFK-OPT-JFK) is about 900 USD. If you're having free miles, you can get it less, of course.

So, are you coming? :)