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luni, 23 martie 2009

Two prizes from me!

The next post it will be only in English, because I have two prizes to give! The winners are two US friends, Kate and Tatyana!

I received today an e-mail from Cluj Botanical Garden about the red flower that you all noticed! And this is the answer: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. In Romania is popular named as japanese rose, but the name is not a right one.

So, the mistery is solved! Kate and Tatyana, you won the prize for an ad-hoc contest, "name the flower". :)) Congratulations!

Here you can see what type of hibiscus seeds I have. As you can see, apart from the long pistil, the flower resembles with hibiscus rosa-sinensis, but you can't say for sure that are related. That's why I was so sure about not being a hibiscus, hehe!

3 comentarii:

Tatyana spunea...

I am glad the mistery is solved, Silvia! I know that in Russia they also call it Chinese Rose.

Blossom spunea...

Congratulations Kate and Tatyana. I'm happy for both of you.

Silvia spunea...

@Tatyana, so the name is similar also in Russia. Interesting.

To Blossom and all my readers - do you want more contests here? 'Cause I think is fun and different from other blogs. What do you think?