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sâmbătă, 21 martie 2009

Poze - Pictures

Dupa cum am spus in postul anterior, acum pun si poze din Gradina Botanica din Cluj! Savurati-le! Dati click pe poze pentru a le vedea la marimea originala si apoi apasati "back" ca sa va intoarceti pe blog-ul meu.

O veverita se plimba agale...

As I mentioned in previous post, now I am uploading pictures with Cluj Botanical Garden! Enjoy them! Click on each picture to see them at the original size and then click "back" to return to my blog.

A squirrel was walking slowly...




Suntem atat de mici...

We are so small...

Sera cu plante tropicale

Tropical plants' green house



Inca una...

Another one...

Un palmier superb

A superb palm tree

Fotograful, se vede de la o posta, a fost Dani (

The photographer, you can see it from a distance, was Dani (

Nuferi cum nu am vazut niciodata

Water lilies as I never seen before

10 comentarii:

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) spunea...

Beautiful photos...what an amazing place this must be. I'm not sure you mentioned what the red flower is...It's breathtaking! Wow! The waterlilies are certainly 'different', aren't they?!!

Silvia spunea...

We thought at the same thing. I don't know its name but I am hoping to find out. I sent an e-mail to Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden and maybe on Monday I will have an answer. I will let you know!

Thank you for the appreciation of the photos, but all the credits are going to my husband. He is the professional photographer, not me! :)

The water lilies are exceptional and incredible! I wish I have a lake with all the conditions for them, unfortunately it's impossible.

themanicgardener spunea...

I've never seen anything like those water-lilies. If they hadn't been labeled, I'd never have guessed that's what they were. The red flower sure looks like a hibiscus, but I'm lousy at this. Let us know when you find out.

Heather spunea...

Wow Silvia- that looks like a beautiful place and also a wonderful palette of ideas. The closest botanical garden to me is 2.5 hours away. I will go this summer as it has been a few years. Thanks for sharing.

Silvia spunea...

I am happy that all of you are enjoying those photos!

@Kate, it's not a hibiscus, I am sure about that, because I will plant hibiscus seeds next week.

@Heather, Bucharest Botanical Garden is about 30 minutes away from me, but the Cluj Botanical Garden is about 9 hours away. The main reason for my posts: everybody goes to parks when the weather is nice, but they can easily go to public gardens or botanical gardens also, if they are close to them. Sometimes it's breathtaking, especially in spring time.

CherylR spunea...

Your pictures are amazing. I have never been to a botanical garden and would love to visit one someday. But for now I will rely on blogs like this one to enjoy the beautiful sights. Thank you!

Silvia spunea...

Thank you, Cheryl! I want to go this spring in Bucharest Botanical Garden and I will upload more photos, for you and others to see the wonderful things there!

RainGardener spunea...

Your pictures are fantastic. Get a load of those water lilies. Never seen any like those before - they look like cake pans! LOL Looks like a beautiful place though!!!

Silvia spunea...

Thank youuuuu! Pretty much! They look like giant pancakes, if you ask me! :))

Tatyana spunea...

Thank you Silvia for taking us on a tour!
That red flower looks a lot like hibiscus.