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duminică, 15 martie 2009

Primele poze

Am cautat poze de anul trecut, pentru ca anul acesta inca nu au inflorit trandafirii cataratori. Si am gasit cateva superbe. Sa incepem...

I searched for the last year pictures, because this year the roses are not yet bloom. And I found out some exquisite ones. Let's begin!

Aici este o fotografie cu trandafirul catarator rosu, plantat langa foisor, inca prea mic ca sa ajunga la spalier. Alaturi este un pin, de care, ulterior, s-a folosit pentru a se ridica/catara. Asta mi-a placut, ca era o ingemanare de culori: rosu aprins cu verde inchis.

Here is a picture of a climbing red rose, planted near garden wooden tower, too small to reach the trellis. Close is a pine and the rose, after some time, use it to climb. I liked this, because it was a combination of colours: hot red and dark green.

Acelasi trandafir, privit din foisor, dintr-un alt unghi. In planul secund, chiar in mijlocul fotografiei, puteti observa o planta extraordinara, de care voi vorbi intr-un alt post, crinul salbatic. Totodata, se vede si un colt de spalier, prins de peretele foisorului.
The same rose, viewed from the garden wooden tower. In the middle ground, you can see an extraordinary plant, which I will talk about in next post, wild lily. You can see also a corner of trellis, on the garden wooden tower.

Aici este cel de-al doilea trandafir, cel alb, cu o inflorescenta superba, mare si deja "agatat" de spalier.
This is the second rose, the white one, with a beautiful inflorescence, high and "hooked" up to the trellis.

Urmeaza 3 imagini cu acelasi trandafir alb, privit din exteriorul foisorului. Este bogat si a crescut numai intr-un an la aproape 2 metri inaltime. Sub el, daca va uitati cu atentie, veti gasi unul dintre cele 3 cuiburi de capsuni cataratori.
Next I have 3 images with the same white rose, viewed from the garden. Is rich and it grewed in one year almost 2 m. height. Underneath it, if you're looking closely, you cand find one of the 3 nests of climbing strawberries.

Si ultima...
And the last one...

5 comentarii:

Tatyana spunea...

That lonely red rose on the bright green background looks striking!

Silvia spunea...

Yes indeed! In fact I wrote about this striking mix of colours: red hot and dark green from the pine. I will search for another great pictures and I will visit your blog also. Thanks for coming, you have a coffee and a juice on me! :)

Heather spunea...

Silvia- your roses are beautiful. I have terrible luck with roses so I have removed them all and tend to skip planting them. I am glad they grow so nice for you:)

RainGardener spunea...

Hi Silvia, your roses are beautiful. The white one especially - it looks so big! We have a couple of roses but mostly the deer eat them. I do still have my Veilchenblau that they haven't gotten to as much yet. Cross fingers.

Silvia spunea...

@Heather - thank you very much. The white one, especially, is very-very pretty and rich in flowers. This year, a couple days ago I planted another 2 - yellow and white, to see them from the living window. I hope will be as beautiful as the one I had already. I will put pictures when they bloom.

@Raingardener - thank you too! I will check your blog also and put it on my favorites, now that you told me you have deer. Maybe you can put a fence around them and this way you'll save them! Cross fingers, of course!